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WHO ARE THE "THE DIVA DOCS™" The Diva Docs™ are doctors and doctoral candidates who are entrepreneurial and seek to empower others along with being e...

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DIVA DOCS Web TV Talk Show

"Diva Docs TV"

Empower & Inspire Series

  • WINNER: "Best Socially Conscious Web Series", Miami Web Fest @ The Fillmore @ Miami Beach; The Jackie Gleason Theater, April 2018
  • Nomination: "Best Socially Conscious Web Series", Miami Web Fest @ The Fillmore @ Miami Beach; The Jackie Gleason Theater, April 2018
  • Nomination: "Outstanding Host", LA Web Fest @ Sony Pictures Studios, April 2017
  • Nomination: "Best Reality Trailer" LA Web Fest @ Sony Pictures Studios, April 2017

Series featured hosts Elisa O'Keefe-Smith, MBA, Doctoral Candidate; Dr Emma Kirke, and Dr Tina Scott with the following episodes and guests:​

  •  4-episodes talking about Childhood Auto Inflammatory Diseases (CAIDs) with special guest and founder of "Stop CAID Now" Lisa Moreno and her two boys Aidan and Brody. 
  • Black Lives Matter (Guest - Range Da Messenga)
  • Breast Cancer.... Diagnosis & Implants - featuring the Divas themselves with a focus on Dr Emma's experience as a breast cancer survivor who endured a double mastectomy, and came back super strong.
  • Life Lessons and Insights with special guest, actor/singer Terron Brooks (known for his portrayal of Eddie Kendricks in the movie "The Temptations". 

Check out these inspiring and informational episodes.


The NWA Chronicles (with guest Jerry Heller)

  • Winner: "Best Talk Show", Miami Web Fest, October 2016
  • Nomination:"Best Edutainment", Miami Web Fest, October 2016
  • Nomination: "Outstanding Reality Series" Los Angeles Web Fest, April 2016

In this 3-episode series, the Diva Docs comprising of Elisa O'Keefe-Smith, MBA, Doctoral Candidate, Dr Joy Edwards, and Dr Uzma Khan sat down with the infamous late Jerry Heller (R.I.P.) the day before the blockbuster movie "Straight Outta Compton" was released. In the movie Jerry was portrayed inaccurately by actor Paul Giamatti . We (The Diva Docs) were lucky to be graciously invited into Jerry's home to sit down and talk, ask questions, and let him tell his side of the story. So proud of this series, as Jerry had a heart of gold, and if not for Jerry, there would have been no NWA, not to mention the successful careers that came out of that group for Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. 

Check out Episodes 1, 2, & 3 of Season Two (Jerry Heller Parts 1, 2, & 3) 

Filmed at Jerry's house in Los Angeles, August 2015.

 ….. and if you want to catch a few short highlights,


Season One
  • Winner, "Best Talk Show", Miami Web Fest, October 2015
  • Winner, "Outstanding Reality Trailer", Los Angeles Web Festival, April 2015
  • Winner,"Outstanding Theme Song" at LA Web Fest, April 2015
  • Nomination, "Outstanding Reality Series", LA Web Fest, April 2015

In this first series, which we filmed one Saturday in January 2015, the start of something amazing, Guests and topics were on point. Hosts for this first season were creator founder Elisa O'Keefe-Smith, MBA, Doctoral Candidate, Dr Tina Scott, and Dr Zakia Robbins, and episodes and guests were as follows:

  • No Secrets Between Us (Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, Education & Prevention) with guest Rosey Noyb
  • What's Going On: Police Brutality Against Young Unarmed Black Men with guests Range Da Messenga and 5 Grand.
  • Assiah's Liver (Liver and Organ Transplant and the legal minefield around having a child with a chronic condition) with guest Rasheena Phinesee.
  • What's Going On.... with Hip Hop with guests Range Da Messenga and 5 Grand.
  • We Are Family with special guest, music legend Kathy Sledge
  • Health & Fitness with Personal Trainer David A. Miller of DAM GOOD BODIES
  • Music Industry Insights  with special guest, music legend Kathy Sledge
  • 5 Key Tips for a DAM GOOD BODY with persona trainer David A. Miller

Check out Season One Teaser, by Clicking the embedded Video below - and make sure you Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.. 



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What better role models than a group of inspiring, highly educated, intelligent, sexy ladies, who say it like it is, covering social and controversial issues, health & lifestyle.  Think "Spice Girls Docs"!  Stepping away from the "boring" doctor stereotypes, being bold, empowered, courageous, and sexy! You'll never think about "DOCTORS" the same way again.

​Diva Docs™ is the brain child of Elisa O'Keefe-Smith. In working towards her doctorate, Elisa met so many empowered, highly intelligent women of excellence, that it seemed a no-brainer, to put together a radio show, and a subsequent TV Talk Show where a group of phenomenal women, along with various weekly guests, could talk about social and controversial issues of the day. Diva Docs (including Diva Docs Radio and Diva Docs Web TV Talk Show) has been added to the list of growing entertainment ventures incorporated under Elisa's "Melbadelphia Entertainment, LLC".     


"As colleagues and friends; as sisters who share the passion of positive social transformation, it is OUR INTENTION to help YOU attain your highest goals and aspirations from your own place of personal POWER, rooted in PASSION, and reaching for PROSPERITY. We ARE the Diva Docs™…and we invite you to join us in our vision!"


The Diva Docs™ are  doctors and doctoral candidates who are entrepreneurial and seek to empower others along with being empowered role models themselves. 

Among the Divas there are PhDs, JDs, MDs, NMDs, DBAs, DMs, EdDs, and DHMs. 

Occupational titles include professors, clinical psychologists, organizational psychologists, medical doctors, naturopaths, cosmetic surgeons, project managers, producers, executives, artists and entertainers. 

The Divas are #Docs and #FutureDocs and needless to say are Intelligent, Sexy, Rockin' & EMPOWERED!!!